Provide a Digitised Future Changes Regulatory Universe (RU) Register


GRC-POS-08 covered the Current RU Register and here we are talking about a Future Changes RU Register.  Having two registers is to make sure there is a clear delineation between managing the current status quo and any material changes that arise.  This service helps clients deal with all change alerts through maintenance of a Future Changes RU Register.

Provide Control of Digitised Regulatory Change Alerts


This service helps clients integrate 3rd party alert service provider systems with the Future Changes RU Register.  All alerts are categorised, filtered and prioritised based on pre-determined client criteria.  A combination of other services can then be used to help process agreed changes that are then moved into the Current RU Register once delivery is completed.

Provide Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment of Digitised Regulations


This is the most valuable service for ensuring change is dealt with correctly.  Key features include the generation of heat maps for inherent risk, level of compliance and effort for each new DLR across each individual entity, functional gaps in each operating model impacted, details of PRSRs that are impacted, interpretation issues, etc.

Provide a Register of Rulings for Digitised Regulations


This service provides a Register of Rulings for all interpretation issues relating to the legal content of any regulations.  It provides a structured way of consolidating and maximising the value of legal contributions and includes a log of proceedings that provides the due diligence for a clients’ position if challenged by a customer, regulator or the court.

Design & Implement Digitised Controls


During analysis of each new DLR carried out under service GRC-POS-24, details of functional gaps in business operating models, impacts to PRSRs and entities with similar impacts are captured.  This service then takes the input generated and helps clients design, build and implement business controls that are kept under change control.

Design & Implement Digitised Early Warning Advance Controls (EWACs)


This is a service that relies on continuous learnings built into the review aspect of our PARA Monitoring Cycle, where errors, mistakes, disruptions and unforeseen events are the basis for improvement.  Designing EWACs to flag these potentially damaging events is key for any business and is underpinned by our prevention quality principles built into this service.

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