Regulatory Risk Solutions

TP-RMS: Records Management Solution

Cutting-edge integration software combined with automated best practices in records management tackle your biggest headaches with granular control of data no matter where it is located. Take care of your Data Protection, KYC, FATCA & other regulatory-driven data demands, & resolve these compliance risks with our revolutionary software solution.


TP-RCS: Regulatory Compliance Solution

Growing regulatory requirements from legislation, standards & policies means increased compliance costs, complexity & risk of unforeseen damage to your business. We have codified decades of regulatory risk experience, combined with latest application programming technology, to offer a solution that reverses the rising complexity-cost-risk paradigm for companies.


TP-RTS: Regulatory Training Solution (POPI)

Compliance with regulations relies heavily on staff doing the right thing. Many companies are named & shamed by regulators because of staff not knowing what to do. Translating regulations into a practical understanding of its impact on business is key to this understanding. Our Protection of Personal Information (POPI) training is unique in how it does this using logical groupings of work called Workstreams.