Regulatory Reviews & Assessments

Our History with Large Scale Risk Assessments

A great deal of our work over the past two decades has revolved around helping clients understand the risks associated with new legislation. We have covered many different types of legislation in numerous different industries and types of business. One of our core focus areas has been the financial services sector over this period with a financial Fortune Global 500 company as a flagship client for this entire period.

Protection of Personal Information Core Focus

In certain instances we have chosen to specialise on these areas of regulation. Outside our governance, risk and compliance core business, our major field of specialisation that we have spent the past decade becoming highly experienced with is the protection of personal information because of the sheer number of clients needing help to assess their risks with this pervasive piece of legislation and the fact that it is a global phenomenon that has opened up opportunities for us to provide ground-breaking solutions to clients as a result of our expertise.

TOSMS Methodology and Tools Are Included

We have the skills to tackle any legislation with a unique regulatory change methodology that we apply. We make certain tools available to clients who need to understand the size of the problem space. In most instances, the larger clients we work with cannot process the amount of information that has to be analysed without the use of a structured and automated tool so we provide this as part of our service.

High Level or Detailed Analysis Options

Carrying out reviews of existing, and analysis of new, legislation, policies or standards can be facilitated by using our automated regulatory risk assessment system to provide a high level, quick turnaround, initial risk appraisal or a more comprehensive detailed analysis for implementation of changes to people, processes and systems to bridge gaps where regulatory risks are identified.

Incremental Engagement

In most instances, this up-front analysis provides the basis for clients satisfying themselves that we have the level of expertise and professionalism required and we are then contracted to drive the regulatory change initiatives that follow. We prefer the approach of incremental engagement with clients to ensure both parties know where they stand at all times with expectations and changes that can arise.


The assessment tool – called ASSESS – forms part of our fully integrated Regulatory Compliance Solution called TP-RCS. However, this service can be provided as a free-standing option should a client not wish to incorporate the other elements of the solution. For further details on TP-RCS see the separate menu selection dedicated to this solution.

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