Data Inventory Exercises

Regulations Controlling Data

Over the years there have been numerous instances where legislation required companies to find certain types of data and process them in a particular manner. More obvious ones recently include FATCA and the future implications of reporting on the assets of all foreign citizens, Anti Money Laundering issues, handling of PEPs, the many rules with processing personal information, handling sensitive or special personal information, details about children, risks relating to identity and account details, requests for information from data subjects, and many more.

Cataloguing Any Combination of Data Fields Using DIMS

So against this backdrop we have developed the capability of carrying out data inventories for clients by capturing on our system all records with fields that contain specific information, along with the people accessing them and the systems and processes involved. In fact, any combination of fields can be set up to be catalogued on our Data Inventory Management System (DIMS).

Creating a Baseline for Establishing the Impact

In situations where clients need to assess the impact of data-focussed regulations on their operation, we are able to collect information, for example with data protection legislation, about the grounds for processing each record type, the source of the collection and other legislated considerations where personal information is being processed. This creates a baseline for determining the impact that certain rules will have on the organisation as the extent of the records and their associated processes, systems and people involved can be mapped via the system.

Baseline Dependency for Certain Assessments

This data inventory service dovetails with another service we provide, namely the assessment service, where certain types of legislation cannot have a detailed analysis carried out until a data inventory has been completed. This is because the impact on people, processes and systems will only become evident after the data that is in question has been located and the associated change drivers (people, processes and systems) have been linked to this data.

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