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Training on Imminent Regulations

As one of our main services is managing regulatory change initiatives for clients, it goes without saying that we provide our own training on the regulations we deal with. Normally when we are implementing new regulations across an organisation, there is an urgent need to bring business specialists and other key participants up to date on the requirements as quickly as possible so that informed input can be obtained during the up-front analysis we carry out on the regulations. This training is usually in the form of an introductory course that all staff eventually end up attending.

Training on Legislation, Standards and Policies

Over time we have built up a specialised capability that enables us to offer development of training material not just for new regulations but for any regulatory requirements our clients have that covers legislation, standards and policies a company must comply with.

Organisational Design Influences

Our training is very different to what you will typically receive from law firms who fulfil an important but different role in educating companies about legislation. This is because you will notice, from the other services we provide that deal with the requirements of the regulations, that we have a very specific way of unpacking the requirements into workstreams. This is because of the importance we place on understanding the organisational design aspects of regulatory change caused by gaps that arise when new regulations are promulgated.

Use of a Cohesive Framework for Developing Content

As a result, our training starts from the perspective of the workstreams that are impacted by the requirements and combines like content in the regulations together to create a cohesive framework for the education, analysis, planning and roll-out of regulatory change efforts with full traceability back to the workstreams.

Using the Training Content in a Regulatory Compliance Solution

Our training content can be developed and provided for incorporation into your own training platform or it can be included in our Regulatory Training Solution for use by our clients. This will depend on the specific needs of each client in this regard. See further details under Regulatory Training Solution.

Acquiring Existing Training Content

We have developed training content that can be acquired by our clients at a fee. It can either be purchased outright or licensed for use on a headcount basis. Further details can be obtained from one of our team by requesting a call back.

Protection of Personal Information Training – South Africa

Our Protection of Personal Information Complete Guide and Advanced training modules for South African clients have recently been published for public consumption. We would welcome your enquiries in this regard. See further details of this content under Regulatory Training Solution.

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