Regulatory Risk Services

Driving Outsourced Regulatory Change Programs and Specialised Regulatory Risk Services


Since its inception, the company have contracted teams of project managers, consultants and business analysts who are experts in the field of regulatory compliance risk to help their clients comply with new and changes to existing regulations (legislation, standards and policies a company must comply with), and to carry out compliance audits and reengineer exiting operations.

Implementing new legislation

This has constituted the mainstay of delivery effort over the past two decades and continues to be our core focus, with the implementation of new legislation making up the largest part of our regulatory risk service business.

Specialised regulatory risk services

During this time, TOSMS have also developed their own unique methods for dealing with specific aspects of regulatory change using ground-breaking concepts that are available to clients on a contracted basis. They include a range of more specialised deliverables – click on each item for more information: