Driving Outsourced GRC Change Programs and a Portfolio of Specialised GRC Services


Our enterprise solution comprises a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Standard and enabling Toolbox of applications underpinned by an enterprise platform with its relational database.  Our solution reduces the cost, complexity and risk to business through digitisation, integration and automation of key workflow functionality in the GRC operations of a company.  We have a GRC workflow model that defines the functionality that our solution provides.  This functionality is delivered through a portfolio of 30 GRC services that this functionality sorts under.

Our GRC Standard

Our ground-breaking GRC Standard helps you to:

  • Analyse your current operations against our GRC benchmark with its portfolio of 30 GRC services;
  • Establish change opportunities where reductions in cost, complexity and risk can be achieved;
  • Provide support for your organisation during the transition to the new benchmark;
  • Deliver continuous improvement, through ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of your organisation’s risk defenses and by adding controls that are missing and fixing those that are not operating optimally; and
  • Master the complexities of change and configuration control across all key GRC variables that represent an exposure to the company, so that sustainable solutions can be assured.

Our Portfolio of 30 GRC Services

The GRC Standard comprises a vast range of functionality that sits within a portfolio of 30 GRC services. These have been grouped into the four stages of a client’s digital transformation journey as follows:

  • Digitising core GRC operations;
  • Integrating and automating GRC functionality;
  • Resolving future GRC change impacts; and
  • Embarking on a GRC digitisation journey.

Our radical approach to doing GRC right gives you the freedom to scale as you need based on what you can afford, supporting you every step of the way, ensuring that you achieve your transformation objectives with minimal interruption to the operations and within budget.  It has the power to help you better anticipate and manage risk, reduce complexity, improve decision making, and ultimately decrease the cost of governance, risk and compliance operations.

By clicking on link for each of the four main headings below, we have provided a summary of each service to help clients quickly establish the full scope of the GRC services we provide and select the ones they would like to find out more about.  We have then provided more specific details that can be viewed by clicking on any of the services below each heading.  Where sufficient detail is not available for a particular service, we are happy to provide further input in a follow-up interaction – see Request for Information below.  A consolidated brochure, covering the summaries of all 30 services, is provided below in a PDF format for convenience.


Digitisation of GRC Operations (view summary page)

Integration and Automation of GRC Functionality (view summary page)

Resolving Future GRC Change Impacts (view summary page)

Embarking on a GRC Digitisation Journey (view summary page)

Request for Information

Should you wish to find out more about any of the products or services covered on our website, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us.  Our details can be found at the bottom of this screen or under Contact on the main menu.