The GRC Monitoring Programme (GMP) is like the service manual for your car, made up of a set of digitised Preventative Maintenance Routines (PMRs), derived from all the controls, and a schedule of how often they must be performed and by who, in order to achieve an error-free experience. Our GRC Standard has a PARA Monitoring Cycle of Plan-Action-Review-Attest and this is the Plan step that generates and maintains the GMP.

To use the car analogy, there are two key components to an error free experience with owning a car – the service manual that is carefully engineered to maintain everything in good running order and the dashboard that raises alerts for oil levels that get too low, etc.

The GRC Monitoring Programme (GMP) is the service manual made up of a set of digitised PMRs derived from all the controls and a schedule of how often they must be performed and by who.

The GRC Standard refers to a PARA monitoring cycle of Plan-Action-Review-Attest. This is the Plan step and involves the creation of the GMP. Then the Action, Review and Attest steps are all about maintaining an acceptable level of risk in the business via the PMRs.

Our T-GRCS tool builds the GMP by taking the digitised PMRs and scheduling them with notifications and tracking of the Governance Controllers (GCs) for ensuring the servicing is done on time. There is a direct link between PMRs and their controls and Automated Standard Compliance Procedures (ASCPs) and the GCs carrying out the servicing.

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