Governing Bodies of companies need to demonstrate to Regulators that their regulations have been internalised and to do this our service audits the links between all high-risk Detail Level Requirements (DLRs) in the regulations and the internal governance documentation of the company through a mapping process.  This service works in conjunction with GRC-POS-05 and GRC-POS-09.

A prerequisite for doing the mapping between the regulations with their DLRs and the internal governance documents of a company is that this content has been captured in a digitised format.  This is covered by the services we offer under the heading called Digitise GRC Operations.  Once the governance documentation and DLRs are in a digitised format it is a matter of using our tool called I-UNPACK to link the clauses in the different governance documents to each DLR.  Our GRC Library structure covered in GRC-POS-09 is key for keeping all the documentation under change control so that the mapping stays current.

The output is a table of gaps and content that is obsolete or superfluous in the governance documentation. This is a powerful way of streamlining and minimising the amount of governance documentation needing to be maintained.

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