This service helps clients by taking the thousands of records, associated with their many current regulations and extracted Detail Level Requirements (DLRs), and providing the processing of this data into a multitude of different views – such as heat maps per business unit for inherent and residual risk, content groupings e.g. Data Privacy and AML, jurisdictions, etc.  This service supports various types of GRC Risk Management Plans in conjunction with GRC-POS-12.

The service that we set up for clients here provides the ability to process enormous volumes of regulatory data instantly to meet workflow needs of users working with current regulations, and their associated data elements, across any number of jurisdictions.

There are hundreds of data elements associated with each current regulation and its extracted DLRs that are displayed in a multitude of different ways based on detailed knowledge of GRC workflows and the data views crucial for maintaining control.

Functionality provided to clients includes:

  • a Current Regulatory Universe Register with filtering and sorting;
  • heat maps for any combination of regulations and entities;
  • heat maps for any combination of DLRs and entities;
  • inherent risk, residual risk and level of compliance ratings;
  • filtering on separate jurisdictions;
  • filtering on content groupings like AML, Tax, Labour, Health, etc.;
  • filtering on logical groupings of DLRs (called workstreams(; and
  • numerous other filtering and sorting options.

There are standard features built into the platform for all the tools including create/ update/delete functionality to keep content up-to-date, capturing change control meta data, access control, etc.

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