Digitise Regulations & Detail Level Requirements (DLRs)

GRC-POS-01: (view brochure)

Key regulatory details, made up of company external obligations such as legislation and international standards, are digitised and logged in a Regulatory Universe (RU) Register.  High-risk regulations are unpacked to identify all obligations and create Detail Level Requirements (DLRs) that are logically grouped into themes for streamlining business controls.

Digitise Business Controls

GRC-POS-02: (view brochure)

Controls are the cornerstone of risk remediation.  There are complex relationships between gaps in business operating models that raise risk levels and the Processes, Records, Systems and Roles (PRSRs) that are applied to controls to resolve these gaps.  Our service captures the specification for each control and takes care of this integration complexity.

Digitise Processes, Records, Systems & Roles (PRSRs)

GRC-POS-03: (view brochure)

Organisational Design Elements (ODEs) that are made up of Processes, Records, Systems and Roles (PRSRs) are captured and kept under change control because of their vital association with business controls.  This information is essential when carrying out a regulatory change gap analysis.

Digitise Preventative Maintenance Routines (PMRs)


Our GRC Standard applies a combination of engineering and quality management principles to achieve sustainable GRC solutions by using our revolutionary Preventative Maintenance Routines (PMRs).  These are purpose-designed for each business control to manage risk prevention.

Digitise Governance Documentation


Governing Bodies of companies need to see how high-risk regulations are internalised so this is a vital service for capturing clients’ governance documentation in a consolidated state ready for mapping digitally.  This includes, policies, operating manuals, internal standards, procedures, etc.

Digitise Governance Controller (GC) Details


Our GRC Standard has various roles for covering the full ambit of GRC accountabilities and these all belong in a group called Governance Controllers (GCs).  Our service sets up the Combined Assurance framework with GC details to manage these accountabilities.

Digitise Automated Standard Compliance Procedures (ASCPs)


One of the most important tools for helping GCs do their job is an expert system for them to rely on that removes the human element as far as possible and reduces the risk of human error. To harness this tool, our service captures every duty of every GC in what the GRC Standard terms Automated Standard Compliance Procedures.  These ASCPs work in conjunction with the PMRs for each control covered in GRC-POS-04.

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