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Tim O’Hanlon Strategic Management Services (TOSMS) is a UK and SA registered Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) consultancy with a focus on delivery of pragmatic results for solving the challenges organisations face in keeping themselves on track through the efforts of their GRC operations.  The company achieves this through thirty value-add services that help clients reduce their cost, complexity and risk.  Our Portfolio of Thirty GRC Services are a product of our revolutionary GRC Standard with its enabling Toolbox that targets the digitisation, integration and automation of key GRC workflows.  See our video on insights into the GRC challenges that our solution is based on that have been consolidated from over two decades of delivering GRC solutions for our clients.  Also provided here is our overall brochure on our TOSMS Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution: T-GRCS.


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TOSMS have partnered with Moyo to deliver a number of software solutions. This collaboration, in two very different specialised fields of Governance, Risk and Compliance and application development, has harnessed considerable expertise to create a technological breakthrough in solving some of the most challenging and complex issues for organisations needing to find smarter ways of overcoming their GRC challenges…
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